Mander Jones Awards Recipients 1996 - 2015


Category 1A: (Not awarded)

Category 1B: Joanne Evans, Sue McKemmish, Elizabeth Daniels & Gavan McCarthy: Self-determination and archival autonomy: advocating activism, Archival Science, 15(4), 337–368

Category 2A: World War I Writers’ Group Ku-Ring-Gai Historical Society: Rallying the troops: A Word War I commemoration, Vol II

Category 2B: Nathalie Nguyen: Memory in the Aftermath of War: Australian Responses to the Vietnamese Refugee Crisis of 1975
Canadian Journal of Law and Society, Vol. 30 No. 2 (2015): 183-201

Category 3: (Joint winners)

  1. National Archives of Australia Graeme Powell with Stuart Macintyre: Land of Opportunity: Australian post-war reconstruction
  2. National Archives of Australia: Tracking Family:
a guide to Aboriginal records relating to the Northern Territory

Category 4: Methodist Ladies’ College (WA) Archives Year 8 WIAN students 2015: What’s in a name?

Category 5: Joanne Evans, Sue McKemmish, Elizabeth Daniels & Gavan McCarthy: Self-determination and archival autonomy: advocating activism Archival Science, 15(4), 337–368

Category 6: Michael Jones: Joining the Dots: Building Connections within GLAM Organizations in Juilee Decker (ed.) Collections Care and Stewardship: Innovative Approaches for Museums Rowman & Littlefield, Maryland and London, 2015, pp. 91-98

Category 7: (Not awarded)

Category 8: (Not awarded)


Category 1A: National Archives of Australia: Digital information and records management capabilities (the capability matrix)

Category 1B: Kate Cumming, Cassie Findlay, Anne Picot and Barbara Reed (eds): Reinventing archival methods: Continuing the conversation

Category 2A: Kim Eberhard: In Good Faith: Waverley College and the Great War 1914-1918
Highly commended: Bruce Ibsen, University of Queensland Archives: Faces of the Fallen: in honour of students and staff of the University of Queensland and the Queensland Agricultural College who died in the First World War

Category 2B: Saadia Thomson-Dwyer: The Banyo Boys: biographies of the men from the Banyo District who served in the Great War (including a short history of the Banyo Memorial School of Arts and Memorial Hall).

Category 3: Tsari Anderson, Public Records Office Victoria and National Archives of Australia: Walata Tyamateetj: A guide to government records about Aboriginal People in Victoria
Highly commended: University of Sydney Archives and Office of the University Historian: Beyond 1914. The University of Sydney and The Great War.

Category 4: Jane Mayo Carolan, Loreto Mandeville Hall Toorak: A Row of Goodly Pearls: One Hundred and Twenty-five Years of Loreto in Melbourne

Category 5: Sue McKemmish, for her contribution to the article by Anne Gilliland and Sue McKemmish: “The Role of Participatory Archives in Furthering Human Rights, Reconciliation and Recovery.” Atlanti: review for modern archival theory and practice 24: 79-88.

Category 6: Cathy Humphreys, Gavan McCarthy, Melissa Downing, Margaret Kertesz, and Rachel Tropea: “Improving the Archiving of Records in the Out-of-Home Care Sector.” Australian Social Work 67 (4): 509–24.

Category 7: Viviane Hessami: Recordkeeping Issues Arising from the Public Hearings of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

Category 8: (Not awarded)


Category 1A: Queensland State Archives: Managing public Records when decommissioning business systems

Category 1B: (Not awarded)

Category 2A: (Joint winners)

  1. Clive Smith and Trysha Hanly, Port Macquarie & Districts Family History Society: Church of St Thomas, Port Macquarie, Early Parish Registers
  2. Australian Museum: The Art of Science: butterfly and moth paintings by the Scott sisters

Category 2B: (Not awarded)

Category 3: Rebe Taylor, with Michael Jones and Gavan McCarthy, The University of Melbourne eScholarship Research Centre: Stories in Stone: an annotated history and guide to the collections and papers of Ernest Westlake (1855-1922)

Category 4: Dr Jonathan Harris, Trinity Grammar School: Trinity Grammar School A Centennial Portrait- Mind, Body, Spirit
Highly commended: Margaret Mason-Cox, The Hutchins School: Character Unbound: A History of The Hutchins School

Category 5: Cassie Findlay: ‘People, records and power: what archives can learn from WikiLeaks' Archives and Manuscripts Volume 41, Issue 1, 2013

Category 6: (Not awarded)

Category 7: Greg Rolan: Briefing paper for BCM: Discovery, Access and Accessibility

Category 8: Newington School: Newington College Sesquicentenary feature in the Sydney Morning Herald, 23 July 2013


Category 1A: (Not awarded)

Category 1B: Michael Piggott, Archives and Societal Provenance: Australian essays

Category 2A: Kim Eberhard, A Falcon Century: North Sydney Boys' High School 1912 - 2012

Category 2B: Joseph Neparrna Gumbula and Julia Mant, Mali Buku-Runamaram: Images of Milingimbi and surrounds 1926 - 1948

Category 3: Dr Antonina Lewis eScholarship Research Centre The University of Melbourne, Saulwick Polls and Social Research – a resource for exploring the work and archives of Irving Saulwick
Highly commended: State Records NSW, Sentenced beyond the Seas: Australia’s early convict records

Category 4: Kim Eberhard, A Falcon Century: North Sydney Boys' High School 1912 - 2012

Category 5: Richard Lehane “Documenting sites of creation” Archives and Manuscripts, Vol. 40, No. 3, November 2012, pp. 171-180

Category 6: Janette Pelosi, "'Submitted for approval of the Colonial Secretary’ Popular Entertainment in the State Archives, 1828-1856”, in A World of Popular Entertainments: an edited volume of critical essays

Category 7: Elizabeth Daniels, A case study on the Public Perception of Archives Amongst Melbourne Youth

Category 8: National Archives Australia, Destination: Australia


Category 1A:Queensland State Archives, Guidelines for managing digital photographic images
Highly commended: National Archives of Australia, Digital Continuity Plan

Category 1B: (No nominations received)

Category 2A: Rob Linn, The Spirit of Knowledge: a social history of the University of Adelaide North Terrace Campus, Barr Smith Library Press, Adelaide

Category 2B: Patrick Weller, Joanne Scott and Bronwyn Stevens, From Postbox to Powerhouse: A Centenary History of the Department of the Prime Minister & Cabinet, Allen & Unwin, Sydney

Category 3: (Joint winners)

  1. State Records NSW, Application Programming Interface
  2. National Archives of Australia, Commonwealth Government Records about the Northern Territory, National Archives of Australia, Canberra

Category 4: (No nominations received)

Category 5:
Anne-Marie Conde "A 'gift to the nation': the diaries and notebooks of CEW Bean" Archives & Manuscripts, Vol. 39, No. 2, November 2011, pp. 45-65
Highly commended: Adrian Cunningham, recognising his contribution to archival and recordkeeping literature in 2011

Category 6: (No nominations received)

Category 7: Amy Rossbach "Transforming Archives Online: AE2 Commander", towards requirements for Graduate Diploma of Science (Information Services), Edith Cowan University


Category 1A: (Not awarded)

Category 1B: Adrian Cunningham (ed.) The Arrangement and Description of Archives Amid Administrative and Technological Change: Essays and Reflections by Peter J. Scott, 2010

Category 2A: (Joint winners) 1. The National Film and Sound Archive of Australia Restoring ‘For the Term of his Natural Life’
2. The National Film and Sound Archive of Australia Marius Sestier Collection

Category 2B: Stephen Foster, A Private Empire, 2010

Category 3: (Joint winners)
1. The National Film and Sound Archive of Australia, Wireless House
2. The National Film and Sound Archive of Australia Sounds of Australia Registry

Category 4: Julie Gleaves, Threads through time: a photographic history celebrating 125 years of Abbotsleigh 1885-2010, 2010

Category 5: Andrew Wilson, ‘How much is enough: metadata for preserving digital data’ Journal of Library Metadata, 10:2.

Category 6: Christine Kenneally, ‘Archive This’ The Monthly, December 2010 - January 2011

Category 7: Andrea Metcalf ‘Web 2.0, folksonomy and information retrieval: data analysis and interpretation report’


Category 1A: Pacific Regional Branch of the International Council on Archives Recordkeeping for Good Governance Toolkit, 2009

Category 1B: Ketelaar, Eric. Exploration of the archived world: from De Vlamingh’s plate to digital realities. Archives and Manuscripts, volume 36 number 2, November 2008. 13-33

Category 2A: Public Record Office Victoria, Water Stories

Category 2B: Barbara Hall, The Irish Vanguard: The Convicts of the Queen, Ireland to Botany Bay, 1791, Barbara Hall, 2009
Highly commended: Lois Sabine (Ed.) Dr William Bell’s The Settler’s Guide or Modern Domestic Medicine and Surgery, Windsor NSW 1849, Lois Sabine, Springwood, 2009

Category 3A: The National Film and Sound Archive australianscreen online
Highly commended: City of Sydney Archives, Historical Atlas of Sydney
Highly commended: Lands Guide: A guide to finding records of Crown land at Public Record Office Victoria, Public Record Office Victoria, in association with Gould Genealogy and History, Melbourne 2009, 432 pp

Category 3B: (No nominations received)

Category 4: Brogan, M (2009) Clipping Mercury’s Wings: The challenge of email archiving Archives and Manuscripts, vol 37, no 1, May 2009

Category 5: Nicholas Rothwell “The Songs Remain Unbroken”. The Australian 21 September 2009, p 17

Category 6: Ms Rosemary Christie, Recordkeeping Scoping Study: Email


Category 1A: Bettington, J. et al. (Eds), Keeping Archives, third edition, 2008

Category 1B: Batterham, Ian, The Office Copying Revolution: History, Identification and Preservation, National Archives of Australia, 2008

Category 2A: (Joint winners)
1. Kass, Terry, Jewels in the Crown: a history of the Bridge Street Plan Room and Crown Plans 1788-2008, NSW Department of Lands, 2008.
2. Footprints: The Journey of Lucy and Percy Pepper, National Archives of Australia and Public Record Office Victoria, 2008

Category 2B: Darian-Smith, Prof. K. et al (Eds) Seize the day: Exhibitions, Australia and the World, Monash University Press, 2008

Category 3A: NSW Department of Lands and State Records NSW, Old Register One to Nine DVD: The Registers of Assignments and Other Legal Instruments (DVD)
Highly commended: National Archives of Australia, Mapping our Anzacs

Category 3B: (No nominations received)

Category 4: (Joint winners)
1. Katherine Gallen 'Archiving and Memorialising the Taboo', Archives and Manuscripts, Vol. 36, No. 1, May 2008
2. Danielle Wickman “Recordkeeping Legislation and its impacts: The PARBICA Recordkeeping for Good Governance Toolkit”, Archives and Manuscripts, Vol. 36, No. 1, May 2008

Category 5:
Pauline Garland, Chapter 17 – ‘Managing Documentation’ in Lucas, B, Slack, P and d’Apice, W, Church Administration Handbook, St Pauls Publications, 2008

Category 6: “Social Media, User Contributed Content and Archives Online” Debra Leigo
Highly commended: “Share This: Archives and Web 2.0” Nick Gleghorn


Category 1A: Australian Society of Archivists Committee on Descriptive Standards, Describing Archives in Context: A Guide to Australasian Practice, ASA, 2007. Kate Cumming, Adrian Cunningham, Janine Delaney, Joanne Evans, Chris Hurley, Tony Leviston, Gavan McCarthy, Professor Sue McKemmish and Barbara Reed

Category 1B: (Not awarded)

Category 2A: (Joint winners)
1. National Archives of Australia for Uncommon Lives: Muslim Journeys
2. Public Record Office Victoria for Provenance: The Journal of the Public Record Office Victoria, September 2007, No. 6
Highly commended: National Archives of Australia, Memory of a Nation
Highly commended: Public Record Office Victoria Bigamy, Theft and Murder: the Extraordinary Tale of Frederick Bailey Deeming a PROV online exhibition.

Category 2B: (Not awarded)
Highly commended: Theresa Elliott (illustrations by Annie Joseph), Resting beneath the Rainbow, published by Loreto Normanhurst, 2007.

Category 3A: City of Sydney Archives, Mark Stevens (City Archivist) and volunteer team; City of Sydney Assessment Books Online

Category 3B: Robin Scott ‘Selected Guide to Loreto Archives’, Loreto Province Archives, Loreto Sisters IBVM (Australia).

Category 4: Anne-Marie Condé ‘Imagining a collection: creating Australia’s records of war’ in reCollections:Journal of the National Museum of Australia, vol.2, no. 1, March 2007
Highly commended: Sharon Huebner and Kooramyee Cooper, ‘Koorie Culture and Technology: A digital archive project for Victorian Koorie communities’, Archives and Manuscripts 35:1, May 2007, pp. 18-33
Highly commended: Michael Piggott, ‘Human behaviour and the making of records and archives’ in Archives and Social Studies: a journal of interdisciplinary research, Vol. 1, No. 1, March 2007.
Highly commended: Andrew Waugh, ‘The Design and Implementation of an Ingest Function to a Digital Archive’, D-Lib Magazine, Vol. 13, No. 11/12

Category 5:
Anna Funder ‘Secret Histories’ Good Weekend Magazine, 17 Feb 2007
Highly commended: Anne-Marie Conde, ‘War history on scaps of paper’, exhibitions of documents at the Australian War Memorial, 1922-1954, Public History Review, Vol. 14, 2007, pp 25-43

Category 6:
Jane Ratcliff, ‘Electronic Records Management in Office 2007 SharePoint Services’


Category 1A: Public Record Office Victoria, for Wilam naling ..knowing who you are.. : Improving access to Records of the Stolen Generations A Report to the Victorian Government from the Victorian Koorie Records Taskforce, Department for Victorian Communities, Melbourne, 2006

Category 1B: (No nominations received)

Category 2A: Public Record Office Victoria, for Provenance: The Journal of the Public Record Office Victoria, No. 5, September 2006

Category 2B: (No nominations received)

Category 3A: State Records NSW, Guide to New South Wales State Archives relating to Convicts and Convict Administration
Highly commended: National Archives of Australia, for: In the Interest of National Security: Civilian Internment in Australia during World War II

Category 3B: (No nominations received)

Category 4: Richard Lehane, for ‘Allowing talk in virtual reading rooms: User-contributed content and online archive finding aids’ in Proceedings ALIA New Librarians’ Symposium 2006
Highly commended: Fiona Ross, Sue McKemmish & Shannon Faulkhead, for ‘Indigenous Knowledge and the Archives: Designing Trusted Archival Systems for Koorie Communities’, Archives and Manuscripts, Vol. 34, No. 2, November 2006

Category 5: Joanna Sassoon, for: ‘The courage of their convictions: creating cultural landscapes in 1930’s Western Australia’ International Journal of Heritage Studies 12 (3) May 2006

Category 6: Susan Hood (Edith Cowan University) for her essay ‘Writing an agency history: The Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority’


Category 1: Proactive - Issues 33, 34 and 35, 2005. Publisher: Public Record Office Victoria. Commissioning editor: Laura Daniele
Highly commended: Digital Recordkeeping @ PROV - Issues 1-3, 2005. Publisher: Public Record Office Victoria. Commissioning Editor: Lucy Hastewell

Category 2: Archives: Recordkeeping in Society, edited by Sue McKemmish, Michael Piggott, Barbara Reed and Frank Upward, Charles Sturt University Centre for Information Studies, 2005.

Category 3A: Finding Your Story: A Resource Guide to the Records of the Stolen Generation in Victoria, 2005. Publisher: Public Record Office Victoria. Authors: Research & content: James Jenkinson Editing & indexing: Emma Toon Commissioning editor: Emma Toon Design and Production: Deadly Design Graphic Printing & Design
Highly commended: Guide to the New South Wales State Archives Relating to Responsible Government, November 2005. Publisher: State Records NSW. Author: Ms Christine Shergold

Category 3B: (No nominations received)

Category 4: (No nominations received)

Category 5: Andrew Waugh, 'The design of the VERS encapsulated object, experience with an archival information package', International Journal on Digital Libraries, Published online 28 December 2005
Highly commended: Graeme Powell, 'The quest for the nation's title deeds, 1901-1990', The Australian Library Journal, Vol. 54 No. 1, February 2005, pp 55-65

Category 6: “Society's Archives: The Total Approach" Author: Penelope Legge, Monash University


Category 1: (Not awarded)
Commendation: National Archives of Australia for Memento
Commendation: Public Record Office Victoria for Lucy - a private life revealed through public records, an online exhibition.

Category 2: (No nominations received)

Category 3A: John Curtin: Guide to Archives of Australia's Prime Ministers, National Archives of Australia and the John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library.

Category 3B: (No nominations received)

Category 4: (Joint winners)
1. Standardised Recordkeeping: Reality or Illusion?, Jackie Bettington, Archives and Manuscripts 2004
2. The Laws of War and the Destruction of Cultural Property in the Iraq War, Tony Caravella, Archives and Manuscripts 2004

Category 5: Making archival choices for business history, Australian Economic History Review, Vol 44, No 2, July 2004, Jane Ellen, Trevor Hart, Michael Piggott and David Merrett.
Commendation: The politics of pictures, A Cultural History of the Western Australian Government Print Photograph Collection, Joanna Sassoon, Australian Historical Studies 123, 2004.

Category 6: Managing Email as Records, Cari Jansen


Category 1: Archives and Indigenous Peoples - Theme Issue of COMMA, International Journal on Archives, 2003.1, edited by Adrian Cunningham and Verne Harris.

Category 2: Integrative Document and Content Management: Strategies for Exploiting Enterprise Knowledge, Len Asprey and Michael Middleton

Category 3A: Private Lives, Public Records, Bronwyn Fensham et al, PROV

Category 3B: Records & Archives Centre website, Anglican Church of Australia, Diocese of Brisbane,

Category 4: The Rule of Law: Model Archival Legislation in the Wake of the Heiner Affair, Kevin Lindeberg, Archives and Manuscripts May 2003
Commendation: Political Archives: Defining Key Issues in a Significant Private Records Arena, Joanne Anthony, Archives and Manuscripts May 2003

Category 5: Phantoms of Remembrance: libraries and archives as the collective memory, Joanna Sassoon, Public History Review 10 (2003).

Category 6: Descriptive Metadata Standards: Issues for Archival and Records Professionals, Damien Jasper


Category 1: AGLS Metadata Element Set (AS 5044), Standards Australia Commendation: Vital Signs, State Records NSW

Category 2: (No nominations received)

Category 3A: Australia's Prime Ministers website, , National Archives of Australia Commendation: A Little Flour and a Few Blankets: an Administrative History of Aboriginal Affairs in South Australia 1834-2000, State Records of South Australia

Category 3B: (No nominations received)

Category 4: Identifying Roadkill on the Information Superhighway: A website appraisal case study, Archives and Manuscripts, Nov 2002, Catherine Nicholls and Jon-Paul Williams

Category 5: Keeping House in the 1840s, National Library of Australia News, June 2002, Joanna Richardson

Category 6: An evaluation of Archives Manager, Melissa Okely


Category 1: Understanding Society Through Its Records, Website, John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library, Ann E Pederson

Category 2: (No nominations received)

Category 3A: (Joint winners)
1. Sound Recordings in the National Archives, NAA, Margaret Chambers and Helen Cross
2. Near Neighbours: Records on Australia's Relations with Indonesia, NAA, Karl Metcalf

Category 3B: (No nominations received)

Category 4: "Indigenous Records: How Far Have We Come in Bringing the History Back Home? ", Kirsten Thorpe, Archives and Manuscripts, Vol. 29, No. 2, November 2001

Category 5: "The use of Archival Material in Legal Studies and Research", Australian Law Librarian, Tony Caravella

Category 6: (No nominations received)


Category 1: Administrative Functions Disposal Authority, National Archives of Australia
High Commendation: Selected Essays in Electronic Recordkeeping in Australia, Australian Society of Archivists Inc, Editor Judith Ellis

Category 2: (No nominations received)

Category 3A: Winner best web-based finding aid: Archives Investigator, City of Sydney Archives and State Records NSW
Winner best paper-based finding aid: Ancestors in Archives, State Records of South Australia
High Commendation: Norman B. Tindale website, Department of Anthropology, South Australian Museum, Phillip Manning, Philip Jones, and Fran Zilio

Category 3B: (No nominations received)

Category 4: "Bright Specimens for the Curious or the Somewhat Imponderable Guided by the Unfathomable: Use, Users and Appraisal in Archival Literature", Danielle Wickman, Archives and Manuscripts

Category 5: "Archives and Australian History", AHA Bulletin, Michael Piggott

Category 6: (Not awarded)


Category 1: Recordkeeping Metadata Standard for Commonwealth Agencies, National Archives of Australia
High Commendation: John Curtin and International Relations During World War II, John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library Education Resource Series
High Commendation: Online Heritage Resource Manager, Austehc

Category 1B: Archives and Manuscripts, Theme Issue: Recordkeeping and the Law, Livia Iacovino.

Category 3A:
Good British Stock: Child and Youth Migration to Australia, Barry Coldrey, National Archives of Australia

Category 3B: PHIND - The Personal History index for former child migrants to Catholic Homes in WA 1938-1965, Dr Debra Rosser and Josette Mathers on behalf of the Christian Brothers Holy Spirit Province

Category 4: "Saying it Like it is: Oral Traditions, Legal Systems and Records", Archives and Manuscripts, Justice Peter Gray

Category 5: "Australian University Archives and Their Prospects", AARL Vol. 30 no. 3, Don Boadle

Category 6: (No nominations received)


Category 1: Government Recordkeeping Manual, State Records NSW
High Commendation: Voices for Democracy: Teachers' Resource Kit, National Archives of Australia, compiled by Esther Robinson, Richard Gorrell and Stephen Foster

Category 2: Solid, Safe, Secure: Building Archives Repositories in Australia, Ted Ling

Category 3: Connecting Kin: Guide to Records: A Guide to help people separated from their families search for their records, NSW Department of Community Services, compiled by Tracy Bradford and Kristy Thinee
High Commendation: Federation: The Guide to Records, National Archives of Australia, compiled by S G Foster, Susan Marsden and Roslyn Russell

Category 4: (No nominations received)

Category 5: (No nominations received)

Category 6: "Development of a Hypertext Online Recordkeeping Manual for the WA Police Service," Carol Muir and Elaine Brady


Category 1: Records of National Cultural Significance: Indigenous Australians, Commonwealth of Australia and
One Destiny! The Federation Story (CD ROM), National Archives of Australia

Category 2: Tabularium: Series System Control for Archives, Version 1.0a, David Roberts

Category 3: The Sinking of HMAS Sydney: A Guide to Commonwealth Government Records, Richard Summerrell, National Archives of Australia

Category 4: (Category did not exist in 1997)

Category 5: (Joint winners)
1. "Architectural Archives: Who collects the designs and papers of Australian architects?" by Barbara van Bronswijk in Voices, National Library of Australia, Winter 1997
2. "Delete Button Dilemma" by Sally Blakeney in The Weekend Australian, 10 May 1997

Category 6: (No nominations received)


Category 1: Corporate Memory in the Electronic Age: statement of a common position on Electronic Recordkeeping produced by the Australian Council of Archives

Category 2: "Evidence of Me" written for Archives and Manuscripts Vol. 24, No. 1, May 1996 by Associate Professor Sue McKemmish, Monash University

Category 3: The publications Aboriginal Deaths in Custody: The Royal Commission and its Records, 1987-1991 compiled by Peter Nagle and Richard Summerrell, Australian Archives ACT and Chinese Immigrants and Chinese Australians in NSW compiled by Julie Stacker and Peri Stewart, Australian Archives NSW

Category 4: (This category did not exist in 1996)

Category 5: "Ensuring Essential Evidence" written by Adrian Cunningham for the National Library of Australia News Vol. VII, No 2, November 1996

Category 6: "Implications of Outsourcing Record Keeping and the Effect on Government Accountability" written by Monique Jose for Informaa Quarterly, 12 (4) November 1996