2015 Conference

In the new world of digitalia, the Tasmanian Branch of the ASA hosted an exploration of all things edgy – from the edge of reason to the edge of infinity.

  • Are we as practitioners of the noble art of keeping balanced on the edge of organised chaos, chaotic order or eventual oblivion?
  • Do we as keepers of the historical record hedge our boundaries around the creation, storage, sentencing and disposal of both written and electronic records, or expand them to encompass the finding, conservation, preservation and display of artefacts, memorabilia and other realia?

Delegates and speakers gathered on the island on the edge of a continent to determine the collective path for the future of archives at the inaugural BYOD (bring your own device) National Conference, 18-21 August 2015.

Conference Proceedings

Tuesday 18 August

VIDEO: Loris Williams Memorial Lecture – Dr Julie Gough

Wednesday 19 August

VIDEO: Introduction and Welcome to Country

VIDEO: Keynote Address 1 by Geoffrey Yeo

New Professional’s Perspective – Volunteer work and Entering the Profession from the Periphery
Christopher Stueven
Annelie de Villiers
Chris Holmes
Romney Adams

A Chinese Perspective – Records and Archives in China: Practice vs. Theory
Jun Li
Xiaoshuang Jia
Tianjiao Qi
(under the instruction of Professor Sherry Xie School of Information Resource Management (SIRM), Renmin University of China)

Innovative Practice – A Series of Presentations on Innovations in the Sector
AtoM: Maggie Shapley
Blue Shield: Catherine Robinson
iSquare: Dr Pauline Joseph
LODLAM report: Michaela Hart
Research Clearinghouse: Adelaide Parr

A Museum Perspective – The Archive at the Museum: a Panel Discussion
Elspeth Wishart, Vanessa Finney, Julie Stacker, Mike Jones and Fran Zilio

Thresholds and Selections
Archival Thresholds
Richard Lehane

From Clear-cut to Blurred Edges – the Complexities of Describing how to Select the National Archives.
Esther Carey and Karuna Bhoday

To Keep or not to Keep? Selecting Archives in the Digital Age
Tatiana Antsoupova

Access in a World of Big Data
Our State of Oversharing – Privacy Matters of Public and Private Sectors
Jessica Kilpatrick

Remembering the Past vs Preparing for the Future: what is the Role of Archives in a World of ‘Big Data’?
Emma Harris

What is in the Files and Who Cares Anyway?
Presenter: Jacqueline Z Wilson (please note that Frank Golding is co-author of this paper)

Documenting Australian Society
Documenting Australian Society: Just how well is it being done?
A Panel and Audience Discussion
Sigrid McCausland, Adrian Cunningham, Maggie Shapley, Kim Eberhard, Stefan Petrow and Kylie Percival

Archives in a World of Change
The Avalanche has Already Started; it is too late for the Pebbles to Vote
Liz Irving

Co-location, Collaboration or Convergence: Finding a Way to Work Together
Amanda Sentance and Nick Gleghorn

Creation of the Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office
Ross Latham

Building Relationships in a Digital World
The Archivist and the Developer: Building Better Relationships
Michaela Hart and Richard Lehane

Building a Digital Archive
Kerry Cody

Re-thinking Email
Andrew Waugh

Thursday 20 August

VIDEO: Keynote Address 2 by Prof. Hamish Maxwell-Stewart

VIDEO: Keynote Address 3 by Dr Leif Hanlen

Rediscovering Indigenous Languages
Digital engagement with Indigenous people and communities
Presenter: Ronald Briggs (please note that Kirsten Thorpe is co-author of this paper)

The National Indigenous Languages Collections Strategy
Paul Paton, First Languages Australia

Our Professional Edge
Our Professional Edge: Who Are We?
Peter Crush, Tatiana Antsoupova and David Roberts

A Network of Archives: Bringing the Directory of Archives Back from the Brink
Mike Jones, Fraser Faithfull, Chris Holmes, Sigrid McCausland, Adelaide Parr and Christopher Stueven

A Wartime Perspective
Walking the Foote-steps: The Lewis B. Foote Photographs and the Curation of a Digital First World War Exhibition
Danna Slessor-Cobb

Turning the Smell of an Oily Rag into the Perfumed Garden of Memory
Anne Hardy and Gionni Di Gravio

The New Shock of the Old - Online Image Surrogacy and Viewer Content Engagement
Susan Long

Access, Indexes and Databases
Facilitating resilience and self-efficacy on cross organisational projects
Peter Francis

Improving access to government archives
Lars Rutz

‘Livin’ in the 70s’ : the Stoke bequest and its Copyright Implications
Carl Gavan

The Creative Perspective
The Original GLAM: Theatre Archives in the Twenty-First Century
Julia Mant and Judith Seeff

Tending the Archive – Re-enacting 1970s Live Art
Presenter: Louise Curham (please note that Lucas Ihlein is co-author of that paper)

Torch Songs to Modernity – Ghost Signs as Emblems of Urban Soul
Kirsten Wright and Antonina Lewis

Over the Edge
Over the Edge – Taking the Leap toward Participatory Archiving
Greg Rolan, Cate O’Neill, Jacqueline Wilson and Amy Lay with Joanne Evans as the facilitator.

The Island Perspective
Islands of the Insane – Our Records, Perceptions and the Lost Voices from the ‘Asylum’
Anne Hardy

Records, memory and inquiry
Records, recordkeeping and Commissions of Inquiry: emerging trends and on-going issues
Kim Eberhard

Thinking about publishing
Publishing with Taylor and Francis
Alex Lazzari

Conference Program

Speaker Information

Speaker Abstracts

Keynote Speaker 1 - Geoffrey Yeo

Keynote Speaker 2 - Dr Hamish Maxwell-Stewart

Keynote Speaker 3 - Dr Leif Hanlen