Objects of the Society

The Objects of the Society are:

  • to promote by all available means the preservation and care of archives;
  • to establish and maintain communication and co-operation amongst archivists, the institutions in which they work and the users of archives;
  • to establish and maintain standards of archival practice and administration and of professional conduct amongst archivists;
  • establish standards of archival qualifications and professional training;
  • to encourage research into any area of archival practice and administration and the care and use of archives;
  • to publish a journal and other material relating to the objects of the Society;
  • to provide a means of collecting, co-ordinating and disseminating information relevant to the practice, status, and problems of the archival profession;
  • to promote amongst the general public and special groups an understanding of the nature of archives and their value;
  • to encourage the efficient and responsible use of archives;
  • to promote a professional identity amongst archivists and to advance their professional standing and welfare;
  • to co-operate with other organisations and groups having complementary objectives, particularly in the fields of conservation, research and records management; and
  • to provide an authoritative voice on matters of archival concern.