Mission, Goals and Values


The Australian Society of Archivists provides leadership for the profession and advocates for archives and recordkeeping.

Read The Archivist's Mission approved at the ASA Council meeting on 26-27 July 1996.


In order to achieve our Mission, we will:

  • Represent the interests of the archival and recordkeeping profession, and promote the value of archives and records in society.
  • Provide and facilitate education and training for archivists and recordkeepers.
  • Establish and maintain archival and recordkeeping professional standards.
  • Inform and communicate within and beyond the profession.
  • Govern and manage the organisation well.


  • The ASA values the importance of records as authentic evidence of administrative, corporate, cultural, and intellectual activity.
  • The ASA regards the work of archivists and recordkeeping professionals as vital for ensuring organisational efficiency and accountability and for supporting understandings of Australian life.
  • The ASA upholds the significance of the Australian recordkeeping tradition & asserts the importance of fostering research and enquiry into archival and recordkeeping theory and application.
  • The ASA supports the development and maintenance of our intellectual capital, and the protection of our professional inheritance.