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Dr Katrina Dean – General Editor of Archives and Manuscripts: “I am looking forward to working with the Society and the Australian archival community to publish high quality research and analysis that is relevant to practitioners and scholars, both within and beyond the profession and discipline, locally, and internationally.”

Katrina Dean trained as a graduate at the National Archives of Australia. She holds a PhD in history of science, and has published in peer reviewed journals in history of science and information studies. She was a member of the Editorial Board of the British Library eJournal (2006-2011), and co-edited an interdisciplinary study of the archive of inventor of photography William Henry Fox Talbot Beyond Photography (2013, Yale University Press). For the past 6 years, Katrina has managed the University of Melbourne Archives, a collecting and institutional archive. She has been leading developments in digital preservation and archiving, digitisation, use of archives in teaching and learning, and acquisitions including the Germaine Greer Archive and the Australian Red Cross Archive. In February 2017, Katrina commences a new role as Curator of Scientific Collections at the Cambridge University Library in Cambridge, UK. Prior to her role at the University of Melbourne Archives, she was previously Curator of History of Science at the British Library.

Annelie de Villiers – Reviews Editor of Archives and Manuscripts: “As the Archives and Manuscripts Reviews Editor I will encourage insightful, amusing, and sometimes contrasting reviews of contemporary archival research, exhibitions and initiatives.”

Annelie de Villiers has worked at the eScholarship Research Centre, The University of Melbourne, since 2014 as both Research Assistant and Project Manager. She has presented at numerous international and domestic conferences on the following topics: volunteers in Australian archives; the experiences of new professionals worldwide; and the principle of reciprocity in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander research. Annelie was one of 8 recipients worldwide of the 2016 International Council of Archives New Professionals Bursary, in recognition of her potential for leadership in the archival profession. Having completed her masters’ thesis in 2016, Annelie will commence her PhD studies in mid-2017 on the topic of reciprocal research methods.

Hannah Hibbert – Assistant Editor of Archives and Manuscripts: “It was my interest in writing that prompted me to join the Editorial Board to begin with. As I continue to enjoy writing and research, I wish to expand my knowledge and understanding of current research in the archival world, and I am very keen to become more involved with the ASA. I look forward to the learning and work involved in the role of Assistant Editor.”

Hannah has been the Archivist at the Australian Turf Club (ATC) for the past 5 years. She manages both the archival collection and the wider collection. She has been instrumental in raising the profile of the archives within the organisation. Hannah does a lot of writing in her work: creating a bimonthly heritage newsletter, contributions to social media, displays and exhibitions, and heritage related inserts for the race books (provided to everyone on race day). Hannah has been a member of the A&M Editorial Board since 2015. She was interested to learn more about the processes behind the production of A&M so that she could engage more fully with the discussion around the future of the journal.

To contact the editors, please send an email to journaleditor@archivists.org.au.

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